Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NFL Power Rankings

I said the Cowboys would keep the top spot until they lost. Well, the 'boys didn't just lose, they were badly outplayed. Thus, it looks like we have a new team holding the coveted top spot. That team is....
  1. New York Football Giants-The world champions are undefeated, and I don't see any reason to move them down. People love the Cowboys because of their individual talent, but the Giants have the better TEAM. When one player goes down, someone else always seems to step in. Watch the G-men stomp all over Dallas when the two teams meet.
  2. Tennessee Titans-Defense, Defense, Defense. One thing that worries me is this whole Albert Haynesworth-Mindy Mcready thing (I'm not too sure that having roger clemens will help the Titans), but in all seriousness the Titans are a force. It doesn't matter who plays quarterback (and for the record I say give the job to Vince Young unless the team starts losing) because nobody can score on the titans.
  3. Buffalo Bills-The Bills don't win pretty, but they have shown lots of grits, guts, and heart. I know everyone is waiting for them to fade, but it's not happening. The Bills have a legit quarterback, running back, and defense, and just imagine the type of boost the return of Jason Peters will give them.
  4. Washington Redskins-This team looked awfully impressive in the process of knocking off Dallas in Texas Stadium. Jason Campbell looks like a great fit in Jim Zorn's west coast offense.
  5. Dallas Cowboys-I have to rank them here just based on the talent level. But I'm rather worried that Terrell Owens will go back to being T.O. This situation looks so eerily similar to those in SanFran and Philly. The second Owens starts complaining about touches, you know it's trouble. I wasn't a huge fan of Jerry Jones giving T.O. a contract extension this summer, and it's looking worse now.
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-This team keeps finding ways to win. I was very surprised to see them beat Green Bay, but it looks like people underrated Jon Gruden once again.
  7. Chicago Bears-I don't like putting them here. But this defense looks like it's back to its 2003-2006 form, and Kyle Orton has proven that he can throw enough incompletions to not lose the game (if that makes any sense).
  8. Philadelphia Eagles-An overrated team if there ever was one. Headed for the NFC East cellar again.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers-Too many injuries at key positions combined with a very tough schedule means the steelers will drop a few games that they'd normally win.
  10. Denver Broncos-Has there ever been a team where we knew its fate so early and with so much certainty? It's so obvious that Denver is headed for a 10 win season and one-and-done postseason.