Sunday, March 8, 2009

NFL Free Agency thoughts part 3

Now that all the good free agents are pretty much gone, so there's not much more to talk about. I'll get all my meaningless opinions out now
  • If Ray Lewis is getting $10 million a year, then doesn't Derrick Brooks deserve $9999999999999999999 trillion per year? Brooks can still play, and I don't see why some team (perhaps the Giants, Colts, or Falcons) won't bring him in to be an above average backup. At the very least, why should he make less than a guy who every play gets manhandled by an offensive lineman, jumps up and into the pile when the play is virtually over, and then starts dancing and screaming "Not in Our House!!!!!!" like he just won the super bowl? Let's stop overrating Ray Lewis now.
  • Great move by Buffalo signing T.O. for just one year. By year two he'd probably be complaining about his touches, calling Trent Edwards a necrophiliac, and popping off on vicodin. But the Bills can just squeeze a year out of T.O. and send the tumor elsewhere.
  • The Cowboys picking up Igor Olshansky was a very underrated move. He plays the run, occasionally rushes the pasher, and maybe he can bring the lights out dance to big D (on second thought, lets leave Shawn Merriman's stupid antics alone). Expect San Diego's already porous defense to have a dropoff in 09.
  • My hometown Cardinals signed Bryant McFadden. He's big, supremely athletic, but he always plays like a number two corner. Still, not a bad signing.
  • Miami needs to sign Jason Taylor. I know, I know, he sucks now, but how great is it watching the NFL's most metrosexual man feuding with a 400 pound man trying to act more badass than Rorschach in "Watchmen" (I'm talking about Bill Parcells)