Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 NBA Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

Here's my first edition of what I think the teams in the lottery SHOULD do. It's way too easy to predict how all the stupid GM's in the NBA will screw up

Los Angeles Clippers - PF Blake Griffin (Oklahoma)
I don't think the clips will take Rubio after (quite foolishly) throwing all that money at Baron Davis. Griffin is the most sensible choice: He's a physical specimen who absolutely dominated College Basketball, and in such a weak draft class he has to be considered the best prospect. Of course, considering that this is the freaking Clippers, anything could happen. I lived in Oregon during the late 90's/early 2000's and got to see the destructive power of Mike Dunleavy and Zach Randolph first hand. Dunleavy will probably reason that because his team's biggest need is at the 3 then he should spend the number one pick on an unproductive small forward like Demar Derozan. Every game he'll sit Derozan for 45 minutes, then tell him to guard Lebron on one end and then at the other end make the game winning shot on a play in which he holds the ball for 20 seconds at the half court line and then takes a fadeaway 3 from 45 feet. Regardless of who gets picked, that player will have his life changed by Randolph for the absolute worst. Next thing you know, that player will have more nightclub incidents than pacman jones, get 50 drug related arrests, bring an AK-47 to the only practice that he ever attends and shoot up all his teammates, and play defense as if you lose money every time you move your feet or try to stay in front of someone. Good times for the Clippers.