Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Wacky Workings of Josh McDaniels

Every year, the media makes a huge deal about many of the new coaching hires, especially if they tutored under well-respected guys. This year is no different, and may be even higher than in past years. Everyone seems convinced that simply because they are Bill Belicheck disciples, Josh McDaniels and Scott Pioli will inevitably turn around their respective franchises. I just heard Bill Simmons's latest podcast with Mike Lombardi and Aaron Schatz, in which they sung the praises of those two guys and declared that the Broncos and Chiefs would be sleepers. But the point here is not to demean Bill Simmons, one of the best columnists out there. It's just that, I am getting incredibly annoyed by the amount of praise getting heaped on the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs (I also disagree with Simmons's assertion that Brad Childress is the worst coach in the NFL by a wide margin; Wade Phillips is pretty darn close. Honestly, I thought Wade was the worst until Childress signed Brett Turnovers). When are people going to realize, it's not like Belicheck has some magic X's and O's football secret that he passes on to all his assistants (even if Bill had this knowledge he probably wouldn't even let his dog see it anyway). Belicheck certainly does know a lot of football strategy that he probably passes down, but part of his success is his leadership, project management skills, ability and willingness to think outside the box, understanding of the draft, free agency, player value, and other traits. You can't just assume that all of Belicheck's assistants will automatically inherit these traits. in fact, based on what Pioli and McDaniels have done so far, i'm thinking that Bill turned them into stupid androids and planted them into other teams. Both these teams made some very questionable hires and personnel decisions. I already highlighted the plight of the chiefs, but as bad as that has been, Bronco fans have had it 100000000 times worse. That got me thinking, what exactly has been running through Josh McDaniels's mind during this offseason?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Matt Cassel's new contract

Someone please explain to me why the Chiefs are not getting ripped apart for the deal that they gave Matt Cassel. Cassel is not worth 28 million in guaranteed money, and it is just laughable that he will be making over 13 mil/year over the first three years. Consider some of the reasons why this deal is a joke: