Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Read between the Headlines

ESPN and most news networks nowadays have led to over-dramatized headlines that can bring up some vocal responses from us sports fans. Here are my thoughts on some of the headlines this week.

Gilbert Arenas faking an injury:
Can we stop with all this "it's the principle of the situation" crap? He sat out a preseason game so that his backup could get some playing time. I get it, lying is bad. There's no way he can defend himself on that one. But his intentions were for the best. So what if Gil misses a game? Nothing, that's what. He gave his downtrodden teammate Nick Young some playing time that I'm sure he greatly appreciated. It's a morale booster, no more than that. He wasn't lying to management so that he could leave early and go to the Vegas Strip. He was trying to get his talented teammate some playing time that is going to be hard to come by because of how stacked their backcourt is. Honestly, this is probably because Flip wouldn't let him sit out, because that's how coaches are: stubborn as all hell. This is classic Gilbert Arenas; good intentions, extremely poor execution.

Cowboys @ Vikings:
The talk behind this game is that this is a make-or-break game for both teams. Of course it is, anyone that says it isn't is being naive, stupid, or just trying to make a stupid sports statement (you know, those outlandish claims that you know aren't happening. Like saying that the Giants would beat the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl, that would never happen and you sound dumb just for saying that). I can't say I remember a team going 1-4 and eventually going on to win the Super Bowl, which is all that matters to teams like these.
For the Vikings, this is it. This is their last year of being competitive before they give AP the Barry Sanders treatment. The Cowboys, not so much. Their team is fairly young, Romo's got another 5-7 years left in him, and maybe this is the year they decide Wade "Aim for the Middle" Phillips isn't their guy. Whoever loses this game is going to have an extremely tough time making it to the playoffs, let alone winning it all. Yeah, the NFC hasn't looked that great as a whole so far, but both of these teams play in tough divisions. This isn't a Chargers situation, where they can wait til the last 5 or 6 games of the season and back into the postseason because their only opposition is the Broncos Defense. Honestly, neither of these teams really has a shot at this point, but whoever loses has absolutely no shot.

Ranger's Hamilton celebrates with ginger ale:
This is such a great story, and even though I'm not much of a baseball fan, I love seeing teams putting their teammates over the tradition of the game. I was reading a list from ESPN yesterday about the top 100 draft busts of all time. This was from back in 2006, and wouldn't you know who's sitting at #35? Josh Hamilton, Tampa Bay Devil Rays (remember the Devil Rays?). I'd say without reading that article, I probably wouldn't have given a second look at this feel-good story. But it's crazy to think about; in 4 years, this guy went from Darko Milicic to, well, Josh Hamilton.

Alright, that's enough for the real sports talk, now here are some headlines that made me lol quite hard.

Saints sign veteran RB:
Yup, that's Julius Jones for you, a nameless veteran RB. Can you believe Julius Jones ran for over 1,000 yards once? Yeah, me neither.

Favre's photo folly may cost him $100 Million:
It's official ladies and gentlemen, Brett Favre's Penis is worth $100 Million. Congrats, Number Four!!!