Monday, November 22, 2010

2011 NFL Draft: My Top 5 QBs

It's Thanksgiving Week and the college season isn't even over yet, so I figured this is the perfect time to talk about my top 5 QBs for the upcoming draft that's only, oh, half a year away. Well, let's get this thing started, shall we?

1. Andrew Luck, Standford
70.2% completion, 3051 passing yards, 28TD, 7INT, 438 rushing yards, 3rushing TD
Shocker, right? Luck at #1?! Oh, Tony, you so crazy. Well, this one's pretty obvious. Last year, his only problem was his accuracy, and damn did he ever improve on that! He's also been showing off his mobility much more this year. I haven't really seen him under too much pressure, although I heard he did well while getting ambushed by the ASU defense. But that's my only concern, and it's a small one at that.

2.Jake Locker, Washington
56.6% completion, 2209 passing yards, 17TD, 9INT, 302 rushing yards, 5rushing TD
Bad numbers, great talent. We all know the story with Locker as well, so I'll keep this relatively short. No receiver, No O-Line, No Defense, No team. Considering his team, his numbers are pretty insane. He's accurate, he's mobile and he has a great arm (better than Luck's). He might need a year to recover from all the blows he's taken this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets picked in the 8-12 range and has a Joe Flacco-like rookie season.

3. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
66.5% completion, 3592 passing yards, 30TD, 11INT, -46 rushing yards, 4 rushing TD
I'm not really sold on Mallett, although I hope he does well. He's a dying breed, the slower-than-dirt pocket passer. He's a white Byron Leftwich with a bigger arm and poorer instincts. He's really boom-or-bust to me. Take the Bama game. In the first half, he played like the best QB in the nation, but imploded Peyton-style in the second half. Plus his accuracy is largly overrated, his receivers all make him look awfully good. He's a first round guy, with many projecting him to go to the Cardinals. Seeing as I live in Arizona, I hope this doesn't happen. If I have to hear Cards fans complain about another 1st round QB busting, I'm going to go crazy.

4. Ricky Stanzi, Iowa
64.8% completion, 2804 passing yards, 25TD, 4INT, -15 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD
He's really surprised me this year. I was very critical of him last year, as he rode that defense and the backfield to top-10 talks, while playing like garbage. Calling a college QB a "manager" is just about as backhanded as it gets. But this year, he's being very productive while not making mistake, and the physical tools have always been there. He's probably a round 2-3 guy, due to the sheer amount of QBs in this draft.

5. Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech
60.6% completion, 2521 passing yards, 23TD, 4INT, 637 rushing yards, 5 rushing TD
This is my Darkhouse, and honestly I've fallen in love with the guy. As a fan, I don't know how you can't, he's one of the most exciting players to watch. It's not his stats, but the things he does while getting those stats. His nickname "The Eraser" is definitely fitting, as he seems to erase all mistakes that his team makes. He's evolved so much from his freshman year, much more than I expected. I thought he was going to be a QB-turned-WR in the NFL, but make no mistake, he's an NFL quarterback. He has the arm to make all the throws, has nice zip on the ball, and you can't forget his scrambling abilities. But what impresses me most is that he keeps his eyes downfield all the time. His rushing yards only come from VERY broken plays and designed runs, which are very rare nowadays in that Hokies offense. He's my favorite player in the draft, and since he's likely to fall past the 3rd round, he'll be the biggest steal of the draft.

NOTE: This is just regarding players who I think are coming out this year, which is why guys like Cam Newton, Kellen Moore, Terrelle Pryor and others are not present on this list.