Thursday, December 30, 2010

AFC Pro Bowl All-Snub Team

Quarterback: Matt Cassel, Kansas City
Peyton Manning had one of his worst seasons ever, throwing 17 interceptions and the Colts are struggling just to stay in the playoffs. Matt Cassel threw for a touchdown ratio of 27 to 5 while leading the Chiefs to the playoffs and winning the division. After last season's 4-12 record, many wondered if Cassel was really a franchise QB (myself included), and he answered all of the doubters. If there was one year that Peyton didn't deserve to get an invite, it was this one.

Running Back: Peyton Hillis, Cleveland
While I love Mojo, he didn't deserve to start this year, Arian Foster did. Hell, he shouldn't have even been invited, as Peyton Hillis had a better year with less help from his offense. Not only that, but he didn't even get significant playing time til about a month into the season. Also Mojo had trouble getting into the end zone this year, while Hillis had 13 total touchdowns on the year, and became the 3rd Browns Back ever to rush for 11 touchdowns in a single season.

Fullback: Mike Tolbert, San Diego
I don't watch the Texans often, so I may be wrong here and maybe Vonta Leach truly deserves it, but Tolbert was asked to carry the load when Matthews went down. As difficult as that is for a fullback, he still managed to thrive and rush for over 700 yards to go along with 11 scores.

Wide Receiver: Stevie Johnson, Buffalo
Reggie Wayne had a down year, to be expected from Peyton's struggles as well as the absence of Dallas Clark. But Johnson started off the season as strictly a red zone specialist, but managed to crack into the starting lineup in week 4 and has proven to be much more of a complete receiver than anyone expected. And while everyone knows him as "The Guy that dropped the TD pass against the Steelers," he's been a breath of fresh air at the Primadona position, showing that he likes to have fun with the "Why So Serious?" TD celebration and his back-and-forth with the Monday Night Pre-game guys. The fact that this guy went from being a 7th rounder 2 years ago to being right up there with Antonio Gates, Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Lloyd in TD receptions is truly remarkable. Also Lloyd should be starting over Wayne.

Tight End: N/A
They got it right.

Offensive Tackle: N/A
Again, they got it right

Guard: N/A
Waters should be starting, but other than that I'm fine with their picks.

Center: N/A
Mangold is an animal, no surprise here. Some people are complaining that Pouncey doesn't deserve it, but I think that he's done a great job; it's hard to hit the ground running as a rookie, especially at center.

Defensive End: Carlos Dunlap, Cincinnati
I feel so weird saying this, but Carlos Dunlap deserves to go in over Dwight Freeney. They had virtually the same number of tackles and Freeney had 9 sacks as opposed to Dunlap's 8, but Dunlap has played 4 less games that Freeney. Also Babin should be starting.

Defensive Tackle: Tommy Kelly, Oakland and Domata Peko, Cincinnatti
Tommy Kelly got more sacks than Haloti Ngata did this year... Sorry about that I was waiting for the world to turn upside down. Ngata still deserves to be in, don't get me wrong here. But if a Raider is going to get selected, it should be Kelly, especially since he's more of a true tackle than Seymour. And I have nothing against Wilfork, but Peko is the best nose tackle in the league that's actually trying (Come At Me, Haynesworth). Every time I watch the Bengals, I see Peko blowing up every run; that team's underachieving should not be taken out on Peko, who had his best year ever as a Pro.

Outside Linebacker: N/A
Feel bad for Tamba Hali. He had a monster season, but they got this right.

Middle Linebacker: Derrick Johnson, Kansas City
This will be my pick that people are going to go "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!" to, but I'm ok with that; Ray Lewis should not make it this year. I get it, he's the heart and soul of their defense, he's spitting in Father Time's face, whatever. Kansas City, even with Bowe and Charles and Cassel, has made its money with its defense, not its offense. Their defense has played better this year than the vaunted Jets defense. If that didn't blow your mind, maybe this will: Derrick Johnson has had more pass deflections AND more interceptions than Darrelle Revis. That's absolutely insane! Also, he and Ray-Ray have had just about the same number of tackles, and the Chiefs defense needs to get recognized with at least one selection.

Cornerback: Joe Haden, Cleveland
Revis Island seems to be shut down for renovation this year, 'cause Darrelle Revis has been getting burned a lot this year. While Haden, the polar opposite, has proven that he is a legit shutdown corner and it looks like he's going to be for a long time.

Free Safety: Michael Griffin, Tennessee
I don't get it, I thought the days of snubbing Michael Griffin were over? He's been playing great defensive football this year, regardless of his team's woes. Meriweather has played pretty good this year, but that Pats defense shouldn't be recognized outside of McCourty's selection.

Strong Safety: N/A
Polamalu is probably the easiest pick between both Pro Bowl teams.