Saturday, April 10, 2010

NFL Draft Preview Part IIII: Prospects 16-1

The final part of my draft breakdown ranks my top 16 prospects for the draft. I didn't watch hours of coaches' tape to analyze every minute detail about players' skill sets; instead these ranking represent the opinions of a casual fan who watched a bunch of games and noted the players that stood out and had an impact. For those of you who missed Part I, Part II, or Part III feel free to check them out also. Now without further ado...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NFL Draft Preview Part III: Prospects 32-17

We're finally here - this is the big board. If I were running all the teams, and I was drafting based strictly on talent without regard to position then this is how the first round would play out. These rankings pretty much reflect how i felt during the season only with minor tweaks. Just know, I couldn't care less how a prospect performed at the combine or pro day; terms like "3-year starter" and "all-american" mean much more to me than "fluid hips" and "uses his hands well at the point of attack"; i care about how you performed with a helmet and shoulder pads in big games against tough opponents with millions watching; i don't care about how you performed with shorts and a t-shirt in front of 100 scouts. Now without further ado...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

NFL Draft Preview Part II: Fringe First Rounders

After discussing the guys that i feel should be in the later rounds, now i'll move on to the guys that I think should be near the top of the draft. In the next two posts I'll rank my top 32 prospects, in reverse order. But before we do, here are the toughest omissions from the list, the guys on the borderline of the first round. At some point I considered all of these guys for my top 32, but ultimately they just missed the cut.

Friday, April 2, 2010

NFL Draft Preview Part I: Overrated/Underrated Prospects

I originally started this blog so I could make awesome mock drafts. Last year I managed to make mocks, only they weren't so awesome. This year i've figured out my priorities: i'm not too concerned about reading mock drafts predicting where the players will go - i can watch the actual draft for that. No, i'd rather read opinions on all the prospects and whom the teams should take. That's why this year, while i may or may not do a mock, my focus will be on the next three posts in which I will break down what I think of all the top prospects. Eventually I'll name my top 32 prospects (one for every pick in the first round), but i'll start with the later round prospects that i feel are really overrated and underrated. And we'll start with a couple of gators whose draft positions should probably be flip-flopped.....