Saturday, April 16, 2011

NBA Season Recap: Thanks for the Memories

A month ago San Antonio, Boston, and Seattle all laid eggs in crucial stretch run games; the Lakers nearly did the same, choosing not to arrive at the Delta Center until midway through the 3rd quarter. But it was still special because it was the first night of the season that we had experienced anything other than top-notch, high quality, uber-competetive basketball – IN MARCH!!!!!!! When you can actually notice that the one night of NBA hoops isn’t amazing, well that speaks to the high level of play during the other 81 games.

When I look back at this season in 50 years, I’ll remember it as the season for the ages, the season that everyone brought his A-game every night, the season that all the old guard stars managed to extend their peaks against all odds while the next generation arrived as legit superstars (the perfect intersection of the best of the old and the best of the new), the season in which all the top players and teams took the games more personally than ever, and the biggest games became absolute battles, the final frontier when everyone delivered the his best before entering the brave new post-lockout world. We’ve never seen a perfect storm like this and may never see it again. But all I know is that this year the players combined to make this an absolute treat for anyone and everyone who cares about professional basketball (and if the regular season is any indication then these playoffs will surpass 2006 as the greatest spring ever). With that here are the reasons why this has been the greatest NBA season ever.